Bellingham is quite a diverse city and the many individual regions of the city make it the interesting place that it is. Here is our best effort at mentioning some characteristics of the various parts of the 2 downtowns in Bellingham.

Downtown Fairhaven
Fairhaven is a great little town with plenty of interesting locales to visit, tasty eateries, and plenty of colorful history. Most of Fairhaven can be accessed by foot. Unlike downtown Bellingham, the parking is free, a pleasant feeling for anyone driving into town. We at Bellingham Videos highly recommend riding your bike around Fairhaven. On bike or foot you can head down to the water or take the trail to downtown Bellingham through Boulevard park.

Downtown Bellingham
The heart of Bellingham exists in its downtown. The gritty alleyways and intricate streets take us to the times past of the early century. Bellingham has art, outdoor space, and bars galore. You can find the city’s most colorful characters outside the Horseshoe Restaurant, and the city government offices, the fish hatchery, a slowly disassembling GP Paper mill, numerous restaurants, and a Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Downtown Fairhaven & Downtown Bellingham

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