Boulevard Park

Boulevard Park is one of the most popular parks in the City of Bellingham, Washington. Boulevard Park is located at South State St and Bayview Dr Bellingham, WA 98225. At the heart of Boulevard park is large waterfront trail artery where various people from all types mingle and cross paths. Fitness gurus train by jogging into Downtown Bellingham. Students study as they have a white chocolate mocha at Woods Coffee house or play frisbee out on the lawn. The adventurous put up cable between trees and balance in strange positions or mountain bike off the secret hidden jumps throughout the park. Families and friends catch sunrays and observe the many boats on the Bellingham waterfront. People of all types gather in the park to relax and converse with good people. Boulevard Park is only a short walk or bike ride from Downtown Bellingham or Fairhaven. Its free to visit, so check it out.

Boulevard Park in Bellingham, WA

Boulevard Park in Bellingham, WA

Boulevard Park Bridge

Boulevard Park – Bellingham, WA

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